Sunday, January 6, 2019

A Snowman in a Tray

Happy Sunday!
This is Candy Cane wishes from With Thy Needle and Thread 

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I left off the candy cane to make it more winter than Christmas .. and stitched it using Classic Colorworks floss in the colors .. Mistletoe..Licorice Red.. Four Leaf Clover.. Autumn Spice ...12 Grain..Black Coffee .. I stitched it on blue coffee tea dyed 28 count 
I also use this same tray for Jingle all the way 
I found this tray in Missouri last spring .. I chalk painted it off white and added some glaze for distressing .. I mounted the stitching on sticky board with 2 pieces of warm and natural batting in between .. a magnet stacked on small pieces of sticky board in the bottom of the tray to raise it up enough for the washer on the back of the stitching to attach .. I used a green plaid homespun for the trim and a red plaid bow and a jingle bell snowman .. It is super cute!

This weeks flosstube .. There's a snake in my boots :)
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Kathleen George said...

Good idea without the candy cane for this time of the year. Very cheery with Ronnies approval:).
Kathleen in Az

Wendy Howard said...

Really cute! I love seeing Ronnie in the pictures.

Barb said...

The tray is a perfect way to display those designs! They look so cute!

Justme1702 said...

So, your fabric looks like a great shade of green.
You said blue, tea/coffee dyed.
You didn't do add anything to make it come out green.
I'm asking because I just purchased linen for the first time because I needed green...I'd *much* rather keep using Monaco like I have been.
The linen is gorgeous, but the Monaco is much friendlier to my stitching budget.
Thank you in advance, love everything you do for the community!!
You're a true gem!!