Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Old Glory

Good morning! 
This is Old Glory from Little House Needleworks..
 Chelsea stitched this and I finished it up for her this weekend ..This was one of her Stitchmania starts.. I mounted the stitching on sticky board .. I used a blue plaid also mounted on Sticky board and glued those 2 together.. I found the frame at Good will and chalk painted it white .. I used the backing in the frame and wrapped the red ticking around it ..

****Please remember if you copy my finishing ideas that you be considerate and give a link to my blog or facebook page..****
I ripped and knotted red gingham fabric and covered 2 buttons with the blue plaid .. I used the buttons for the centers of the daisies I glued on ..
I stitched this back in 2015 and here is my finish 
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Robin in Virginia said...

Sweet finish! I like them both, yours and Chelsea's.

Carol said...

So cute, Priscilla--love the way you used the red gingham around the edge of the frame :) Hope you and Chelsea had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Sam I Am...... said...

Both are finished and stitched beautifully! This one is on my 'list'. I just started back cross stitching and so glad to have found you and Chelsea. I was too late to start Stitch Maynia but I am prepping for next year. Plus, I have other crafts so I may have a Craft Maynia for myself. But I will follow your themes for the days of the week. Thank you for all your great advice and inspiration! Have a great day!

Barbara Chapman said...

Hi Priscilla! I love your sweet patriotic cross-stitch!!! I used to make a lot of cross-stitch pictures back in the late 1970's through the 1980's and a little into the 1990's ~ even designed my own. I still enjoy other's beautiful work {like yours!} although I can't do much hand-work with carpal tunnel syndrome. Stinks getting older! Lol!! ;)

Pinning to my Crafts and Sewing board for you,
Barb :)

Gayla said...

Ilove this one. I already have it kitted and just might squeeze it in before the 4th... I wish! I would be over the moon with either finish... Both so cute.