Thursday, June 22, 2017

Freedom House

Hello Friends!
I finished stitching Freedom House from Little House Needleworks yesterday and finished it up this morning..
The frame is from the Goodwill. It was a mirror in a gold frame... I used black chalk paint and took care of that ugliness :) I used blue homespun check on the bias for the background mat.. and another strip of that blue homespun with some ripped red ticking to make the topper. I chalk painted a wood star and found two metal militaryish looking buttons and added those
I used all the called for colors except the blue and red DMC I substituted Barn Door and Old Blue Jeans from Classic Colorworks. It's stitched on 28 count tea/ coffee dyed evenweave. I also added little buntings in the grass.. the area under the flower pot in red instead of green, and the stars I did red, white and blue instead of the caterpillar.

Yesterday I helped my daughter do a "little" yard work...their house was a repossessed home so it had sat empty for 7 years. This whole mulched are was FULL of WEEDS .. rototilled them...hoed them ..pulled them and this is what we ended up with after a full day of work! It looks so pretty.. there are plants she dug up from my yard plus she bought some ..and 30 bags of mulch!  This will be so pretty when it all fills in ..but what a job! Next week another area will get done if my arms and back stop hurting! :)
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Robin in Virginia said...

Your Freedom House piece is darling. I really like your changes. Well done on the gardening! I bet your daughter appreciates the help.

Kathleen George said...

Cute Patriotic pattern. Your daughters front yard looks beautiful. It's always nice to have help in yard work and it can be a work out!
Kathleen in Az

Barb said...

I love that patriotic piece. Of course, your way of displaying it is wonderful. You and your DD did a fine job on the yard. It looks great.

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