Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It's Pumpkin Picking Day!

 Good morning!
In honor of pumpkin picking day there is a new chalkboard in the house.. except for the fact that it is raining so pumpkin picking might not happen today ( insert very sad face) and maybe some crying ! :)

 My seasonal chalkboard hangs in the entrance to the kitchen from the family room and gets changed out for the seasons.. Its a garage sale frame with a board cut to fit and painted with chalkboard paint..

 I had to include all my favorite colors of pumpkins.. orange ( of course) peachy pink!
A garland of mini pumpkins surrounds the top of the chalkboard.. Love this one!
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Thanks so much for all your visits and sweet comments !
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janicek said...

You are so talented Priscilla! That is such a cute chalkboard - love it! Hopefully, the rain will clear up and you'll be able to pick your pumpkins later. Can't wait to see your outside beds all lined with pumpkins this year.

Karen said...

As always, your created a fabulous chalkboard.

Jill said...

Love the chalkboard! Hope you were able to pick pumpkins :-)
Have a great weekend!


Kathleen George said...

Very sad indeed, but your cheery Pumpkin chalkboard is adorable! Love the mini Pumpkin garland:).
Kathleen in Az

BarberryLane Designs said...

Very Cute! I had to laugh though, with the house remodel, my chalkboard on the front porch reads, THINK SPRING! sadly--as all of summer was swallowed up in demolition and piles of stuff everywhere! Will go change it today, thanks for the reminder! LOL Sandi

Michelle said...

I absolutely love your chalkboard art -- it's the reason I followed your blog to begin with!