Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Stitchy Update 8-11-2016

Good morning!
Here is this months stitchy update!
A little more progress on Lizzie Kate's Halloween Rules( I am not putting the little buttons on until its all finished..)
..My 4  year old grandson said keep "building" that one Gramma ..I like it !
I am stitching this Stitchrovia piece for my college football playing son in the colors of his team San Diego State.. I need to have it finished to take with me when we go to his first game Sept. 3 .. I love how it looks so far on the black ..

I finished the 7th Santa's Village house and have started the border for the 8th..
and the second chalkboard ornament from Hands On Design is finished.. Starting on the 3rd one Be Jolly .
Seems like I haven't been able to stitch as much with so much yard work all the time .. but I do love working in the yard :)

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday and the littlest grandson sure did love the cream puffs :)
I love to go to see all the gorgeous flowers..
Love this !
and I need some of these purple flowers next year!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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Vickie said...

Aaaahhh! Before I read that, I thought that little guy is eating a Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff! And what do you know? ;)Hooray for our cream puffs. They are the best. I had one this year.

Kathleen George said...

You make the cutest stichery, love the Halloween and Christmas! Wisconsin is the best, have family there:)
Kathleen in Az

Carol said...

Love your Halloween piece, Priscilla--so cute that your grandson wants you to concentrate on finishing that one :) Love those chalkboard ornaments--I tried to order that one from 123 Stitch, but they were out so I had to request that they email me when they get more in. They sure are popular with everyone this year.

Very nice piece for your son--did I tell you that my oldest is moving to San Diego in a few weeks (very sad day that will be!). I know he's looking forward to being with his girlfriend again and, of course, that wonderful weather that they have out there.

Your little cream puff is adorable--such a sweetie!

Dru Pendlebury said...

Priscilla just love ALL your stitching & you sure are such a speedy stitcher !! I can hardly wait to see how you display the Halloween & Christmas ones especially ! ! Also you garden is stunning I don't know how you do it all !! Hope you are enjoying the summer 😀 Your grandson is such a sweetie !

Deb said...

Your Halloween stitchery is sweet and I love the Here to be Awesome piece. That little one is sure enjoying the cream puff

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