Sunday, July 10, 2016

In the Garden July 10, 2016

Good morning!
Here is this weeks walk in my garden..
Some of the zinnias are starting to bloom.. love these stripey ones!

Daisies and hydrangeas..what could be better ?
The zinnias are starting to bloom around my vintage wheelbarrow  thats filled with petunias.. and yes that is an Elmo sprinkler..
One of my garden helpers.. she manages to knock down at least one zinnia a day trying to keep the chipmunks out..uggggh
A  hanging basket filled with alyssum and petunias
that vintage chippy flea market chair.. love the color..
The volunteer sunflowers are starting to bloom
lambs ear..
dreamy white annabelle hydrangeas..

zinnia love..

More annabelle hydrangeas , bee balm and coneflowers. and look how tall those sunflowers are!
The landscaper.. :)

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Janice K said...

Your flower garden is just beautiful!! And, your puppy and adorable little grandson look like they love to help you outside ;). My little grandson is 18 months old and he also loves to help "Gamma" in the flower and veggie garden (he picks all of the strawberries long before they turn red)!

Pondside said...

Annabelle Hydrangeas are my old-fashioned favourite! Every year I swear that I'm going to plant zinnias and I never get around to it. Your colours are gorgeous.

Mike Raven said...

Lovely pictures :) And is that a Jack Russell? So cute!!

Barb said...

That landscaper is just too cute!

Carol said...

Such a darling garden helper you have there, Priscilla :) And your flowers are all looking spectacular. We have a few of those stripy zinnias and I love them--they look as if someone painted them...

Unknown said...

Your doggie is protecting your wee little landscaper from the mean old chipmunks:) Lovely picture of the green chair with the wash pan of flowers, Kathleen in Az