Sunday, June 26, 2016

In the Garden.. June26,2016

Good morning!
Thought I would take you on a walk through my garden on Sundays.. I love blue hydrangeas ..but our soil here turns them pink so I can't believe this one is still blue ..It was planted last year ..
An old bird bath base my son brought home from somewhere.. with a thrifted galvanized bucket on top..and of course more hydrangeas!
These annabelle hydrangeas are huge this year!
More of the blue hydrangea with some of the galvanized buckets of annuals..
These Annabelle hydrangeas are by our garage.. My neighbor gave me little pieces of his 3 years ago.. and they are also huge!
On our back patio table this thrifted basket is just popping with violas!I had planted them in this basket last year and they reseeded themselves and are popping out thru the wicker ,,isn't it just the cutest!

That was 4 years ago after the evergreen bushes were removed.. ..below is now .. I like "now" much better! :) Hard to believe it is the same spot!
The bee balm is starting to bloom !
Have a great day!
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Kathleen George said...

Love your Violas peeking through the basket! The Hydrangeas are beautiful! Happy gardening, Kathleen in Az

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

All of your flowers are gorgeous! Amazing how all of your plants and flowers have filled in under the window.

Your Viola basket was wonderful, I love the way it reseeded itself like it did. I hope it will continue to do that year after year for you.

Vickie said...

I agree, the violas are a sweet surprise like that!!

BarberryLane Designs said...

All I can say is WOW!...thanks, Sandi

Mrs.T said...

Oh, I LOVE the violas popping out through the sides of the basket! All the plants are lovely. I like that your bee balm is beginning to bloom. I haven't seen ours yet and am wondering if it got choked out by other plants. I used to have red bee balm but it died out. I had bought pink bee balm a couple of years ago and it had been doing well. No sign of it yet this summer, sadly.

Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!

Carol said...

What a beautiful happy yard you have, Priscilla!! I am so envious as our hydrangeas have done nothing this year. Nice leaves, but not one bloom :( You certainly have a green thumb (and, my guess--no deer munching on your pretty flowers :)...

I loved seeing the before and after photos--what an amazing difference!

janicek said...

Oh so pretty!! My soil does the same thing to my hydrangeas but I combat it with a product called "Blueing" that I find at Home Depot. I can't remember the mineral it is made of but it works like a charm and now I have bright blue hydrangeas to enjoy!