Thursday, July 9, 2015

In The Garden July 9th

 Good Morning!
I thought we would take a walk through the flower gardens today ! All these photos are taken with my I-Phone..
 The perennial daisies I planted last year have gotten pretty big and are blooming like crazy ..they are little short ones and I love that!
 Picking hydrangeas! There are pink ones and I have 2 plants that have both lavender and blue flowers.. They were both planted last year so I am sure by next year they will be pink.. If they could all be blue!
 My little supervisor making sure I am watering everything!
 Some of the hydrangeas in the front flower beds..
 Lots of galvanized buckets full of annuals..
 Hydrangeas and bee balm along the back fence..
 some of the awesome new zinnias I planted are blooming! Aren't they just amazing!
 Volunteer sunflowers.. This plant is about 7 feet tall now.. It is a multi flower one so there are 3 blooms open now.. It tipped over ( gasp) I think a large animal landed on it ! so it is now tied to the fence in 3 places..
 On the back patio..
along the back fence a galvanized bucket of petunias, allysum and there's lobilia hanging out the other side..We have had the craziest weather this summer .. the flowers are loving it .. The vegetables not so much !

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Kathleen George said...

Beautiful vibrant colorful flowers! Love your hydrangeas! Kathleen in Az

Kelly Deal said...


Kris said...

Hi Priscilla. Gosh I miss blogging! I have just spent some time here to catch up with you and your world. Your yards, and flowers are just fabulous! Stunning! I could look at the photos all day! I hope you and your family are all well. Maybe I will be able to get back to my blog soon.

Connie said...

Oh my goodness . . your garden is the prettiest I have seen this year. You should be in a garden magazine. I planted a hydrangea this year, but it is just staying alive. I hope that it makes it and next year it will be established and beautiful. We have been having weather in the three digits and one day it hit 112 degrees. It's a wonder our yard looks as good as it does. We haven't seen rain for about almost three months.
Happy Gardening.
Connie :)

Terri said...

Your garden is just gorgeous! Thanks for the walk through :)

Barb said...

Beautiful! I have heard that there is something you can put in the soil of the hydrangeas in the Fall that will make them either pink or blue the following summer.

Cindy Rasley said...

Wow! Where do you live with such gorgeous flowers! Simply beautiful! Great job!

Carole West said...

Wow your gardens looks fantastic but I really like your hydrangeas. I'm inspired!

The Little Yellow Corner Store said...

Breath taking! Such a peaceful garden. It would be the kind of garden one could sit and enjoy looking at for hours.