Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In The Garden

Good morning ! Thought I would show you some of whats going on in my yard ..I got this ladder at an estate sale last week , and had the bird feeder from another estate sale last year , so my son screwed them together ..I put it in my blackberry patch and added a  basket and bucket of flowers to the steps. The birds were already eating from it this morning . I am still trying to decide if I want to paint it or just let the wood weather.. Can't wait for that sunflower to open next to it ..Its a huge one !

 My potatoes in pots have done great so far this year ...I got 10-1/2 pounds of yukon gold and white potatoes.. and a couple purple ones :) out of 3 small pots ..
Five pounds of red potatoes out of a large and medium pot. I still have 2 more big pots that will be ready soon , plus I have planted the pots again hoping for another crop ! These potatoes are so good ! Love them boiled with parsley and butter , and the kids love them cut up and fried !
I have been getting tons of zucchini and yellow squash , so I have made 2 big batches of zucchini casserole and put it in freezer bags for the winter.. We love this stuff and I am hoping that it will still be good after freezing. I left off the cheese , I will do that when I warm it up ..

This is 2 days worth of squash from the garden .. Last year I barely had any ..this year ALOT..My tomato plants are not doing well.. from what I read they have blight.. Too wet this year at first with so much heavy rain is what did it I think . I am still getting tomatoes but I don't think I will have as many as I usually get .
I finished the December wordplay, from With Thy Needle and Thread .. Only 2 months left and they will all be finished .. NOvember and January are the ones I have left :)
I picked my first bouquet of zinnias ..I can't even tell you how much I love going out every morning to see whats blooming ! Aren't the lime green ones pretty ? Look at this double headed zinnia ..two flowers on one stem !
Thanks so much for stopping by ! I appreciate all your visits and nice comments !
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Carol said...

Oh, your garden looks like it is really thriving, Priscilla! Lucky you! Between our groundhog invasion and this rainy summer, ours is pathetic--not a single zucchini in sight! Love that December word play finish--need to get busy on my own :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Love, love the ladder in the garden!

Jenifer Harrod said...

My friend has a bird house similar to yours I will have to show her yours it is great!

Barb said...

Your yard is producing so many great things. The potatoes look good and the zinnias are beautiful!I still need to do the Dec. Word Play. Yours looks great!


Great Blog Priscilla! I followed from Pinterest - your lovely zinnia photo. I planted my first zinnia garden at my new home this year. Aren't they just wonderful?!!! I'm following your blog now, will check your other links, too. Cindy from

Astri said...

Love the lime green zinnia! Very pretty!

Beth said...

Food and flowers - much to enjoy in your garden!