Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Cake Pops.. Bookpage Treetoppers and a Big Fat Tree !

 We made turkey cake pops ! We have never tried to make cake pops , so what an experience it was !
 You make a cake , crumble it and add frosting to it .. then roll out the balls and add your sticks. Then into the freezer for an hour .. so while we waited we made a book page tree topper for my daughters white tree :) we loaded it up with book page ornaments last week , so what a perfect tree topper !
 After an hour you dip them in melted chocolate.. I used chocolate chips with a little Crisco.. if we make them again I will get the candy melts ..The chocolate chips seemed to go on really thick .It was hard to get them to look nice on the outside. You have to work pretty fast getting the chocolate on and if it was thinner it would have been easier!
 We used candy corns for the tails and cut the ends off candy corn for the nose. I had white candy melts I melted for the eyes , then used a mini chocolate chip.. I used food coloring to make the white chocolate red for the little wobbly thing ( what is that called ) ? :) I should have made a small batch of royal icing for the eyes .. I will remember that for next year ..
I think they turned out cute for our first try.. even if some of them are a little scary :) I had to go to Pinterest last night and start a new cake pop board ...have to try some Christmas Cake pops !

We got our real tree yesterday .. its a Frasier fir , we got it from Home Depot.. Oh my its a big fat one ! This photo was taken when we first brought it in ..its fallen a lot more.. I got a galvanized bucket at an estate sale this summer to put the tree stand in ..I saw the bucket being used last Christmas on this blog .. I can't wait to decorate the tree !

Thanks so much for stopping by !
 Hope you all have a wonderful family and friends filled Thanksgiving ! We will be missing our boy at the University of Kentucky this Thanksgiving .. football is still going on and there is even practice on Thanksgiving !

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Kris said...

Those are so cute! I have never made them either.
I am going to make a paper cone wreath. Just watched the tute! They are so pretty!
xo Kris

Barb said...

The turkey pops are so cute! You amaze me with all you accomplish!

Barb said...

Your turkey cake pops are just too cute! And, by the way, the red thing above the beak is called a 'snood' and the stuff below is called the 'wattle' - I googled it to find out)

Gabriele said...

Oh my, can you tell me where to find the time to do all these things.
The X-mas-tree looks wonderful and I am very excited to see it decorated.

Nicole said...

Those little turkeys are sooo... cute!

Jann Olson said...

Love the turkeys Priscilla and your daughter is a cutie! Thanks for sharing with SYC.