Sunday, May 27, 2012

67 flower squares

67 flower squares finished .. I am still adding different colors trying to use what I have.

I made 6 dishcloths today .. Needed a little break from the flowers .
We picked 4 pounds of strawberries from our little garden ! That's a lot of strawberries !
It's HOT here in the 90's!
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day !

this is the pattern I used for the dishcloths .


Pammy Sue said...

It's hot here too. Wish I had some of your strawberries. They look great! I'd be making some strawberry shortcake for sure. Yum.

Wow...64 squares done! I've been slacking the last few days. I haven't made any more. I'd better get busy and make some during the race this evening.

Gladys Perfeito said...

Lindos squares!

Kris said...

Lovin' those squares!! And wow, 6 are fast!!!! Love the colors!

Peg said...

Pretty, pretty pretty. They look wonderful, love the dishcloths colours I'm knitting some but in boring mushroom colour will experiment with th next lot. Wow a lot of strawberries there, now I've got some lovely cream in the fridge which would go really well with those lol.

It's rather hot here too we're not used to it , I'm hoping it cools down a little at the end of the week we're going away to our static caravan and that will be hot! Mind you knowing England I will be raining lol.

Peg x

Carol said...

We're having the same 90 degree weather, Priscilla, but at least this morning it is "only" 74 with a lovely breeze...

Your crocheting and berries are so pretty. Won't be long before you have another lovely blanket all finished up :)

Jenifer Harrod said...

I've been trying out different flower patterns. These are pretty. I'm going to check out the dishcloths too. Come see us.

Jann Olson said...

Wow, what a beautiful patch of flowers! I can imagine the hours that have went in to making them. I do not knit or chochet so i really admire your talent. I love those using those dishcloths. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup.