Thursday, January 19, 2017

Winter in the Galvanized Tiered Tray

 Happy Thursday!
I am here to show you my galvanized tiered tray dressed up for winter! Even though here in northern Illinois it's not very wintery ..40 degrees and rain is not normal! Personally I would rather have snow than rain! And yes that is a tree in the background.. it is the ice skate tree that I keep up through January..

 Front and center is a little chalkboard ( with hopes of snow !) Lots of Little snowmen decorate the tray, with lots of flocked and icy looking greenery ..

 The mason jars on top are filled with greenery and tied with red gingham fabric ribbons..
 I do love changing this tray out for all the seasons and holidays.. it goes between this spot on the table and the end of the kitchen counter..

 The kitchen hutch has also got a snowman theme .. My snowmen don't come out with the Christmas decorations.. they have their own season which is now !
 I loved the buffalo check ribbons at Christmas and they seem very wintery to me so they stayed.. Pretty soon it will be time to switch it all up for spring! But for now "Let it Snow!"
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Connie said...

Your home is so much fun . . . you add charm to every corner :)

Unknown said...

You make celebrating seasons and holidays with your decor very special:). I always come away from reading your blog with inspiration!
Kathleen in Az

Cindy said...

I love seeing how you do your tired tray. So cute! Though I have to admit that I've started putting out spring things:)

Afarmhousefullofhope said...

Snow has been missing here in southeast PA for what feels like years now😭 We've only been getting a very short lived, light mix and then one big, monsterous storm the last few years. I'm ready to move south-as they've been stealing all our snow! Love your pics and I've been lazy in getting my snow friends out this year, but they too have their own season at my house!

Cindy Lou said...

Really cute! Great job !