Thursday, May 12, 2016

The last of my 15 Stitchmaynia starts!

Good morning!
These are the last of my 15 Stitchmaynia starts..
On Mother's Day .. There wasn't very much time to stitch but I started this Stitchrovia's Wonderful Time of the Year.. It's on white fabric even though it looks cream. 
Then Frosty Forrest from Coubtry Cottage Needleworks .. I had planned on starting December from Prairie Schooler but didn't like the fabric I had for it so I started this Rooster ornament from the 1991 Just cross Stitch Ornament Issue .. Isn't it the cutest!?!

Let it Snow another Stitchrovia design loving this one even though the colors are way different from what I usually stitch with! I am also stitching it on blue fabric .. Photo color is way off! Love those cute little skaters!

And last is Sunflowers in Summer from Countrg Cottage Needleworks.. Not a whole lot of stitching time yesterday either!
I had to finish up my 15 starts by yesterday ..because
I am writing this from the airport .. We are on our way to Disney World for my daughters wedding tomorrow! I do have several pieces to stitch with me on the airplane .. Hoping to give you some wedding pics in the next couple days!
Have a great weekend !


Kathleen George said...

A wedding at Disney World? How fun!
You have alot of projects to finish up and they are cute and colorful.
Kathleen in Az

Carol said...

All these and a wedding, too?! Wow!! Have a delightful time with your friends and family, Priscilla :) Hope it is magical!

Vickie said...

Wow! Action packed I would say!
The Let It Snow piece is especially adorable.

janicek said...

Have fun at your daughter's wedding! Love your stitchy starts and I know you will finish all of them. I have to stick with my one at a time process but I admire your quick stitch witchery :)

Barb said...

You are really doing some great designs!

Unknown said...

What issue of Cross Stitch Gold is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year from?