Thursday, May 31, 2012

More garden ..

I got this pot at walmart..can't beleive how nice it is..usually our walmarts flowers are not good..

I have a couple of these baskets hanging on our these at walmart too !

This is a Datura plant my stepmother sent me from Florida..They are also called angel trumpet.. They will grow here but won't come back on their own , I will need to save some seeds. They get really huge down there so I hope mine gets big.

Most of the iris are finished blooming, I don't know what kind of flowers the little pink ones are . My daughter bought me 2 plants of them a couple years ago and they have spread like weeds. They are pretty , but don't stay blooming very long.

The beans are up ..and being eaten by something ! I keep googling to see what it could be. I did plant some marigolds yesterday in the garden to see if maybe that will help.. from my googling I think it might be slugs.. last year Japanese beetles, this year slugs ! Uggghh.

This is the strawberry patch , its not very big , but I have already picked almost 11 pounds of strawberries with more still coming !

These are the blackberries and they are so loaded with buds .. this started with 2 plants and have spread like weeds also ! I will have a freezer full of blackberries by the time they are finished !

These are Mallow plants.. they alos grow like weeds and reseed themselves. They will take over if you let them . These came up as a surprise ! They remind me of mini hollyhocks.

The potato patch has 2 kinds of potatoes planted.. yukon gold and red.. they are doing amazing .
On the flower blanket I am up to 78 squares.. I will take a picture when I get some more color added..its a little too pink right now !
Have a great day !
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Petunia Pill said...

Now...stop it with the pot of flowers from Wal-Mart! Stop it right now! Our Wal-Mart had those exact same baskets (same flowers and all) and I stood there and admired them all in their bountiful glory...and debated buying one because I was so taken with them...and finally decided not to because I didn't think just one would be as gorgeous as the statement of all of them together! But I REALLY wanted to! And there you are showing off the one you bought! Do our eyes not go to the same thing all the time? Geez o peet! I love to see your pins on that horrible (ha ha) other site because I want to repin them all! You make me giggle! Hugs, A.

Carol said...

Loved seeing all your garden photos, Priscilla! We have a big vegetable garden, too, but my husband does most of the work. I just pull an occasional weed and "supervise" :) He planted potatoes and sweet potatoes for the first time this year--hope they do well...

Enjoy your weekend!

heidihill said...

i don't know why i couldn't find the comment box on your other posts w/field of is sooo gorgeous!! I am in love with your colors! What yarn did you use;wool,acrylic? No matter,it's just a beauty! Love your background color esp-you must tell me about it.

Ann said...

You certainly have a lovely garden. Wonderful variety with the strawberriers and blackberries. Our strawberries are done for the year--enjoyed them while they lasted. Very pretty Daturma(sp)-hope it does well.