Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial day

We had a wonderful Memorial day and hope you did too ! Used those home grown strawberries for the flag cake and for the watermelon fruit basket. Its the first time I tried making the watermelon basket and it was super easy and super cute !!!

My sons girlfriend brought over the mums ..so cute !

My daughter and her baby nephew..
the youngest son , who graduates from 8th grade today with the 17 year old son behind him , acting goofy as always ! We cooked out, hamburgers and hot dogs..had lots of salads,,,potatato salad, broccoli bacon cheese salad, pasta salad,fruit salad..Veggie tray and buffalo wings for appetizers..  and of course the flag cake for dessert !
Picked 4 more pounds of strawberries this morning.. 10-3/4 pounds so far ..

Hung my patriotic decomesh wreath on the back fence , with some decomesh draped behind it. We couldn't put it on the front door because there are still birds living in the spring wreath. Hope you all had a great weekend !  Thanks for reading !

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Carol said...

Oh, that cake looks so yummy, Priscilla. I've always wanted to make a flag cake like that, too--maybe next year :) Everything looks so inviting and tasty...

Glad you had such a great Memorial Day weekend with your family!