Friday, March 3, 2017

Spring Chalkboard on The Spring Mantel

 Good morning!
 The queens of the house ( Ronnie and Reagan)want you to come in and see the Spring mantel!

The chalkboard on the mantel has been "springed" up :)..
 Moss bunnies, tulips and A pedestal plate of mason jars full of eggs are all on display.. A garland of blossoms is laid down in front of the chalkboard.. Loving the bright colors for Spring!
That basket full of dried hydrangeas is from my garden last summer ..Can't wait to be gardening again!
 Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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janicek said...

Oh so pretty (as usual)! We can't wait for spring either. Here in western Washington State we actually had snow on Monday which is so atypical for us. But the tulips are poking up and the roses and hydrangeas have their spring leaflets so it won't be long! Love your posts!

Unknown said...

A cute Spring drawing and of course with the Queens approval:).
Kathleen in Az