Sunday, August 10, 2014

Backyard Garden

Good morning ! Thought I would share a few shots of my backyard gardens .. I picked these little mini zinnias yesterday ..Aren't they just the cutest !
 Theres only a few sunflowers left .. wished they lasted longer !
 I caught Mr. Squirrell sitting on this sunflower yesterday like he was riding a parade float :)
 The fall raspberries are starting to grow now ..all the patches of zinnias are doing great !
 On the back sidewalk theres lots of coneflowers , and of course zinnias !
 More zinnias planted in a long planter on the patio..

A little vignette with a small rummage sale ladder , birdhouse and pots of flowers .. surrounded by bee balm , zinnias and black eyed susans.

 In the front of this photo are some pots with potatoes growing and some pots of pumpkins ,,The back is the vegetable garden, with a few rows of zinnias :) ..There are more sunflowers in the back of the garden ..See the red one ? Just don't look at the weeds .. because those are what I grow best !!!
 I used my big telephoto lens to take these photos.. Love the bee in the coneflowers
 The finches eating the sunflower seeds..
A bee on a zinnia..
 My first ever shot of a hummingbird !
 All of these sunflowers the birds and chipmunks planted ..
 This was taken from my kitchen window .. A limelight hydrangea , sunflowers and a couple planters on the windowsill..
 Finally the blackberries are getting ripe !
Have a great day ! Thanks so much for stopping by !
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Patty Sumner said...

Thanks for the beautiful pics.. I am so going to plant zinnia's next year..I love them! I have decided i am going to plant a row of them in my garden..and sunflowers too. Have a great day! Blessings!

Barbara F. said...

I am in love with your garden, Priscilla! How delightful to walk through, cut some flowers for a bouquet, when those berries are ripe, pick some for a pie, wow, what makes life special all happening right here in your own backyard..

Kris said...

What beautiful shots of your bursting garden of color Priscilla! I wish I had planted more zinnias! I have just one patch, and they are really profuse.
Love your shots with the finch and sunflowers! LOVE!!
xo Kris

Barb said...

Your garden and your photography are both amazing. That cone flower shot could win a prize!!!

Bonnie said...

Love your flowers. My mother always grew zinnias and they say summer to me. Wish I had enough sun to grow them. Your garden is so striking and seems so happy.

Your sunflowers are pretty too. Interesting that you are growing pumpkins in a pot. Have you had luck with that? I would be very interested in trying that.

kristi dominguez said...

Wow, beautiful!!

Roberta Mendes said...

Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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Mindy said...

Wow, your photos are so, so pretty. And I LOVE zinnias with all my heart. You've got a whole slug of 'em! They're such a happy flower. The echinacea is so pretty, as well. So glad I came by.

Denise said...

So nice to meet You through the Garden Party.I enjoyed My few min.visiting You and Your beautiful garden-lovely photos- Denise

Beth said...

Next year I MUST plant some zinnias! So very pretty. Love the squirrel too.

Linda Kinsman said...

I could stay here all morning and admire your beautiful photos. Great shots! I love that you caught the squirrel and finches. :)

the cape on the corner said...

gorgeous! and great shot of the hummingbird.

Carol said...

Oh, those zinnias are delightful, Priscilla! We have some, too, but yours are much brighter and prettier. And I love the photo of the squirrel on the sunflower--how sweet :)

Deborah Devine said...

Summer is fading fast, and the flowers are looking a bit sad here in Northern Illinois. Your garden certainly looks beautiful. I guess I should not complain as the Illinois corn and soybean crops are amazing. As I drive down some roads the corn must be 8 feet high.

Cathy Carroll said...

What a beautiful garden and such stunning photos of it. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

Jann Olson said...

Beautiful Priscilla! I love Zinnias. I planted a few, but next year I am going to do lots more. They are such a gorgeous flower! I remember a couple years ago running around the garden to get a perfect shot of a humming bird. Managed to get it. lol! Your photos are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.