Thursday, December 28, 2017

Quilts in 2017

Good morning! I love these yearly posts and I think this will be a new category.. I have said that I won't make another quilt until I buy a walking foot for my sewing machine .. hopefully that will make it easier!
I can't believe that my daughter and I made 2 quilts each this year ! I had been wanting to make one for a couple years since I have quite a few Halloween and Christmas fabrics in my sewing room!
She kept pestering me so we made them ...we each made a quilt in a weekend of simple 4 inch squares !Halloween quilts 

and our Christmas quilts!

Both holidays together! I also made a table runner out of the strips that I had sewn together but didn't use!
Thanks so much for stopping by! If you are a stitcher and joining us in the #pcforestsnowfall today is the day!

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Robin in Virginia said...

Both of your quilts are lovely. Enjoy your SAL!

Debbie said...

Love the quilts!!! Thanks for reminding me we are starting the winter stitching today!! Happy Birthday Chelsea!!!

BarberryLane Designs said...

So very ambitious with your gorgeous quilts.---I will have to invest in a rotary cutter, as my hands just can't do the hand cutting anymore. Have a Happy New Year, Sandi

Holly Johnson said...

Am I crazy but seeing the picture of the Halloween quilts and the cute decorations makes me miss fall already. I wish it didn't go by so fast!

connie said...

The Quilts are Lovely...Makes me want to do one.Little Ronnie makes me smile..

Pat Simon said...

Love both your quilts. You inspired me to make a lap quilt for a dear lady for Christmas. Until you buy your walking foot (which I need to do as well), try lengthening your stitch to 4. It was so much easier with the longer stitch. Might just do the trick for you. Thanks for sharing all your terrific stitching and quilts.

Carol said...

Always fun to read your year-end reviews, Priscilla--loved your quilts. I'm sure it was fun to try something new :)

Kathleen George said...

I agree with Holly, Fall is my time of the year too:). Perfect quilts to snuggle in, I'm sure Ronnie will agree:). Is there a Spring and Summer quilting bee in the new year?
Kathleen in Az